Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let's compare art, shall we?

America: A "celebrated" Hollywood artist attempts to challenge to societal notions of gender.

No, this is not a chick. At all.

Consider me challenged, dude.

 Job done. But... ew. And... why? (I suspect mental illness.)

Asia: Artists attempt to make Art.

Yes, this is a foxy chick. Absolutely.
Hugely successful Korean TV show "monster". Definitely a foxy chick.

Fan art of foxy chick.
The foxy Fox in fox ears. Ok not Asian art, but still Fox-y.
You're feeling better now, aren't you? Job done! Because foxy chicks are always a good thing.

Asia is starting to look like the last holdout of Western Civilization in "art". That's what hipsters call "irony".

I have this urge to take some pictures of maggots clustering on roadkill and post that as "art". I'd probably be famous in five minutes, but only if I was a transgendered somethingorother with a low surface albedo and a snappy patter about White Male Imperialism. So not worth it.

The Phantom


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