Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Phantom is never wrong: TB scare in Boston MA.

Its hard being this awesome I know, but I'm right again dammit.

More than 30 Lynn Community Health Center employees and 800 patients are being tested to determine if they were exposed to tuberculosis after center doctors confirmed a case.

Center Director Lori Berry says after confirming the single positive test for tuberculosis in a male health care worker around Labor Day, center medical workers contacted and tested employees as well as patients ''having sufficient exposure to warrant testing.''

This is what we call a "Holy crap!" moment for hospital workers. Everybody at that hospital is now re-evaluating their career choice based on the fact that they could die from somebody else being a stupid knob and not performing decent infection control.

Possibly also re-evaluating their tendency to vote DemocRat. Because dying from a disease spread by cheap political theater would really suck.

The Phantom

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