Saturday, August 30, 2014

Media Party riots over McKay gun t-shirt

Peter McKay wore a t-shirt with an AR-15 on it:

The Canadian media went nuts. Predictable.

Never mind the AR-15 poodle shooters. This is what I want:

Barrett MRAD in .338 Lapua. Its a bolt gun. Perfectly, fabulously legal. I can have one anytime I like, assuming I can pony up the $5-$6k plus HST to pay for it. It can break an engine block at 800 yards, given the right ammunition. Not as powerful as its .50BMG big brother, but more accurate.

Also functionally identical to great-granddad's bolt action .303 Enfield, despite the eeeeevile skeletonized stock, black frame and Picatinny rails all over it. Just the thing to get any journo's knickers in a twist. Its a SNIPER WEAPON!!!!! Otherwise known as a moose gun painted black, and everybody knows it.

I think its a measure of the frantic panic that's descended on the Media Party that they continue to beat this dead horse. Gun control is deader than the Passenger Pigeon. The extinct pigeon may yet be revived by DNA wizardry, there is no such hope for gun control.

But my friends, Rob Freakin' Ford is gaining in the polls for Toronto mayor. All these pansy journalists live in Toronto. They are willing to riot to keep Fat Boy out of the mayor's office.

This is them rioting.The morons.


Anonymous said...

What, no posts since 30-Aug? Don't you know that I live and die by your posts? That when I come here and there is nothing, the urge to get razor blades and... actually, I never get that urge. Um. Well, it's depressing as all heck when I'm hoping to see some wise, or at least wise-ass comments about, idunno, the US marshal injected with 'something' or some other national or international story, and I have to re-read your last post... :'(

The Phantom said...

Apologies, dear reader, I have allowed Real Life to interfere with blogging.

But never fear, I have cleared my schedule of Important Things to bring you more blogging. Yay!