Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Big Government means they don't have to tell us stuff.

Stuff like the real number of people exposed to Ebola who have been brought to the United States, for example.

An undisclosed number of people who've been exposed to the Ebola virus  not just the four patients publicly identified with diagnosed cases  have been evacuated to the U.S. by an air ambulance company contracted by the State Department.

"We moved a lot of other people who had an exposure event," said Dent Thompson, vice president of Phoenix Air Group. "Many times these people are just fine, they just had an exposure. But you have to treat it as though the disease is present."

How many exposed patients have been flown from West Africa to the U.S.? Thompson said medical privacy laws and his company's contract with the State Department prevent him from revealing the figure.

"I'm not avoiding it," Thompson told Yahoo News. "I'm just not allowed to talk about it."

Man, I feel safer already knowing Dent Thompson isn't allowed to talk about it. Because some stupid people might panic, which would be WAY more dangerous than a fatal communicable disease, right?

Thanks, Big Government!

The Thankful Phantom

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