Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My only comment on Scottish Independence.

Being of pretty much pure Scots extraction on both sides of the family,
I feel compelled to weigh in on the eve of the upcoming vote on Scottish

In my soberly considered opinion, if your government is so important
that changing it becomes a Really Big Freaking Deal and countless lives
will be affected...

... then its too freaking big and you better take an ax to it right the
hell now.

You should be able to become independent of England, or join the
EuroTrashUnion, or vote in a dog as Prime Minister and not even notice
the difference at street level.

So if Independence takes British Big Government down a peg or two, or
even Ghod forbid puts a couple of bucks back in the taxpayer's pockets,
I'm all for it.

The Phantom

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Alyric said...

The problem is that the drive for Scottish independence is coming from the far left.

Read the list of things they're promising the Scottish people after independence: "First we'll nationalize the corporations, then we'll break up the banks, etc., etc." Reducing the voting age to 16 in order to force it through doesn't do much to improve my opinion, either.

Ultimately, I think it would be a disaster for both Scotland and England... but I suppose it's their disaster to make.