Saturday, May 12, 2012

Remote location wind power done in a COOL way.

This is SO cool. Its a helium balloon shaped like a stack of donuts with a windmill in the hole. The big brag is they can loft this thing (scaled up to Hindenburg size) and generate megawatts of steady power from higher altitude winds.

Why is the Phantom Windmill Hater talking about windmills today? Out of character I agree, but bear with me. :)

Remember this bit about the Pirate Bay wanting to get their servers or at least a gateway out of reach from snarky gummint employees? How about a self powered balloon deployed out of a truck, or better yet off a boat? One such machine floating in the middle of Lake Ontario on a 1000 ft kite string could take traffic from 20 to 30 miles in all directions.

This one here looks like a one or two man operation, float it off a pickup truck/snowmobile/kayak what have you for when you want to be -small-.

Need cell phone service Right Now due to natural disaster or bad behavior? Fly one of these things and have instant communication powered by the breezes wherever and whenever you want.

Outside the box, baby.

The Phantom

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