Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Propaganda has become strange in the new Millennium.

Given this SUN article from Britain, it appears that the deaths of tens of thousands is simply not enough to get the public's dander up against a murder regime. What you really need is pictures of the North Koreans being mean to bears. The OUTRAGE! Oh the Humanity!

The Sun's shocking pictures expose the despotic regime's everyday cruelty that will outrage animal lovers.

Glum muzzled bears are put through humiliating routines walking on two legs or on skates for an audience of mostly soldiers.

Baboons wearing co-ordinating outfits perform faultless slam-dunks in strictly choreographed basketball games.

Secretly filmed during our week-long stay in the Communist state, the show highlighted the brutal mindset of the ruling classes.

Because pictures of starving women and kids are so last century, know what I mean? You want to make the Norks look BAD, you gotta use fuzzy animals.

The Phantom

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WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Well, the Brits are themselves a monarchy--finger-pointing too directly at the NorK regime points fingers right back at their own society. Far, far safer to sublimate their despair on the bears.

On a similar note, PONY 2012.