Tuesday, May 15, 2012

more cards and letters working, Internet Surveillance bill C-30 falls down the well.

More evidence that electing a Conservative majority gets you some Conservative policy decisions.

Bill C-30, also known as the lawful access legislation, would allow police to compel Internet service providers to cough up identifying information about anyone using the Internet.

The authorities would not be able to track a person's activity on the web without a warrant. But they could find out whose name is attached to an IP address without that warrant, and without the person's knowledge or consent, which is why both the federal and provincial privacy commissioners strongly objected to the bill as an unjustified violation of privacy rights.

Many Tory MPs are also said to be unhappy with the bill. They wonder why the government would abolish both the mandatory long-form census and the long-gun firearms registry in the name of privacy rights, and then violate those same rights with a bill that lets the government snoop on people who go online.

Yeah, well the reason those CPC MPs are unhappy, over and above their own moral codes, is because a zillion guys like myself phoned them up and said "WTF dude? You going to spy on my surfing? Why the hell did I vote for you then, I could have just voted Liberal!!!"

This fact is quietly ignored in the Blob & Snail piece I quoted above. They're trying to make it all about Vic Toews so as to damage Harper. Because to them everything is an attack on Harper. That's all they do, attack Harper.

What this is, rather than an opportunity for a cheap political shot, it is evidence of the Conservative Party listening to the people who voted for them instead of the pecker-head apparatchiks in the Federal civil service who wrote that bill to serve their own purposes. We win one, they lose one.

Awesome.  Lets see some more of this.

The Phantom

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