Friday, May 11, 2012

Cards and letters DO make a difference!

Of late there has been news that Ontario is requiring gun dealers to keep records of who they sell to and what was purchased. Its a gun registry with the retailers stuck paying the cost for it. Meaning customers actually pay. And its -illegal-. And the province is doing it -anyway-.

I and many others got on the phone and email to MPs and MPPs, and said (essentially) "What fresh hell is THIS? Did you people kill this thing or not?"

Well, today the CPC regime fired a round across McGuinty's bow.

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson reminded the firearms officer in a letter this week that the passage of the Ending the Long-Gun Registry Act leaves no doubt about Parliament's intention to stop that type of compilation of information about gun owners.

"I instruct all chief firearms officers to ensure that the licensing conditions you impose on business records pursuant to the Firearms Act do not facilitate the creation of long-gun registries in your jurisdictions," Mr. Paulson wrote.

Vic Toews also sent a letter.

Mr. Toews sent a letter sent Tuesday to all provincial chief firearms officers, saying the collection of point-of-sale data is no longer authorized under the Firearms Act.

He asked the RCMP to notify him "immediately" if they hear of chief firearms officers engaged in "unauthorized data collection."

And that my friends is called Action. In and of itself it isn't much, but I'm actually kind of surprised in a pleasant way that the CPC acted this quickly and publicly. It means they HEARD from y'all, and they are moving on it. If they keep on hearing about it they will keep on moving.

I for one am not going to shut up.

The Phantom


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Nice to see this worked.

I never did receive replies to my letters about Jesse Sansone.

The Phantom said...

I never received replies either. I think they were too busy. I like that.

If they've got nothing better to do than answer their email at times like this, its not so good.

If you want an answer back, try snail mail and a phone call to back up your email. Somebody goes to all that trouble, that means they're serious.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

I finally got a reply from the Prime Minister's office about Jesse Sansone...saying that I should correspond with Vic Towes.

At least they acknowledge people were upset.