Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today's media is a death cult.

You can't go to the movies, you can't watch TV, you can't listen to the radio, you can't read the paper, you can't even buy a frackin' comic book.
When I was a young man, I used to collect comic books.  Then one day, I just... stopped.  It wasn't fun anymore.  Right around the time DC comics killed off Superman the first time, be about 1993.
Every once in a loooong while I buy a Spiderman, Superman, Fantastic Four, X Men or whatever to see if its fun again.

Marvel Comics has snuffed out the Fantastic Four's Human Torch.

In the most shocking death to hit the comic book industry since - well, the publisher knocked off Captain America four years ago - the fiery Johnny Storm goes out in a blaze of glory saving his young niece and nephew from an army of insect creatures in Fantastic Four #587, in stores Wednesday.


What the hell is the problem with this company, can't they see their sales going in the toilet every year?

Jonathan Hickman, the current writer of the series, says it wasn't easy to extinguish a comic book legend.

"Johnny kind of represents a childlike idealism within the group," Hickman told the News. "And the story that we wanted to tell going forward from my first issue on the book and where I would like to end up, there came a point in the story where it served us to eliminate what was an eternal source of optimism in the world."

Oh, I see.  Marvel has been taken over by nihilistic post-modern assholes. Well, that saved me four bucks I guess, eh?

The Phantom

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