Saturday, January 15, 2011

re: your article, "Sarah Palin’s hurt feelings aren’t the injury I’m worried about."

You were doing all right until you got to this part:

"Well, time may tell. Mental illness can certainly isolate a family, but I'd barricade a bit too if I lived in Arizona. They're heavily armed, and their response to this incident has been to become way more heavily armed. (Sales of Glock handguns, the very weapon Mr. Loughner used, jumped 60 per cent after the shooting.)I sympathize with their sadness, certainly. But I think if I lived in Arizona, my patio would be underground."

In Arizona, several unarmed bystanders attacked Loughner bare handed, while he was still shooting, and managed to subdue him. In Arizona, several people with guns on their belts, private citizens all, ran -toward- the sound of gunfire and arrived in time to help subdue Loughner.

In Canada, an entire bus full of people ran away from one man with a knife. Just a knife mind you. They let him stab Tim McLean to death. Many, many stab wounds reportedly. They let him cut off McLean's head. And eat it. For hours.

So you might want to ask some Arizonans if they're willing to lower their standards and put up with you for a neighbor before buying a winter place.

The Phantom


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