Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boycott? Yeah? Boycott THIS.

Arizonans are not amused by recent boycott talk in California.

The Los Angeles City Council voted 13-2 to boycott Arizona, although what exactly L.A. council members would be doing at a Diamondbacks game might require explanation to Dodger fans back home -- or spouses.

Now comes some hardball from a statewide elected Arizonan named Gary Pierce. He's a commissioner of the Arizona Corporation Commission, which regulates utilities there.

Utilities? Interesting! Because it turns out LA gets about a quarter of its power from... Arizona!

Pierce writes:

If an economic boycott is truly what you desire, I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation.

I am confident that Arizona's utilities would be happy to take those electrons off your hands. If, however, you find that the City Council lacks the strength of its convictions to turn off the lights in Los Angeles and boycott Arizona power, please reconsider the wisdom of attempting to harm Arizona's economy.

People of goodwill can disagree over the merits of SB 1070. A statewide economic boycott of Arizona is not a message sent in goodwill.

"Hmmm, nice air conditioning ya got here. Shame if anything were to ...happen... to it."

I love Arizona. I really, really do.

The Desert Phantom

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