Monday, May 31, 2010

The Bloody Shirt, maritime version.

Well, the crazed Jew hating Left brought knives to a gun fight and finally got their bloody shirt.  Now they're waving it for all they're worth.

Israeli naval commandos stormed a flotilla of ships carrying aid and hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists to the blockaded Gaza Strip on Monday, killing nine passengers in a botched raid that provoked international outrage and a diplomatic crisis.

Dozens of activists and six Israeli soldiers were wounded in the bloody predawn confrontation in international waters. The violent takeover dealt yet another blow to Israel's international image, already tarnished by war crimes accusations in Gaza and its 3-year-old blockade of the impoverished Palestinian territory.

I love this "botched raid" crap.  What's botched about it is they took six casualties, not that they fired on and killed nine armed punks who were running a naval blockade.
The term "naval blockade" does mean they either board or SINK boats attempting to come through.  Imagine the fuss if the Israelis just put a couple of torpedoes in the water like Kim Jong Il seems to be getting a pass for doing.

Oh, and incidentally the Palestinian territory of Gaza isn't impoverished.  It has very nice shopping districts, I'm told.  Stuff they don't tell you about in UN press releases.

The Phantom

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Alexander said...

My thoughts exactly.

I'm surprised that an incident like this didn't happen sooner. The amount of restraint the Israelis have used over the years is quite staggering.