Saturday, March 07, 2009

US bishops find a pair.

Predictably, Obama's DemocRats are moving to increase government interference in health care.  Well known asshole and socialist Jerry Nadler is going to table a bill.
FOCA, as the bill is known, would make federal law out of the abortion protections established in 1973 by the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade ruling.
Long story short, hospitals and physicians will be required by law to perform abortions and other reproductive services on demand.

Now, the part where Jerry Nadler and the DemocRats are planning fascist-style religious persecution laws is not new or particularly news worthy.  What's new and newsy is this:

The legislation has some Roman Catholic bishops threatening to shutter the country's 624 Catholic hospitals — including 11 in the Archdiocese of St. Louis — rather than comply.

Speaking in Baltimore in November at the bishops' fall meeting, Bishop Thomas Paprocki, a Chicago auxiliary bishop, took up the issue of what to do with Catholic hospitals if FOCA became law. "It would not be sufficient to withdraw our sponsorship or to sell them to someone who would perform abortions," he said. "That would be a morally unacceptable cooperation in evil."
But even within the Catholic community, there is disagreement about the effects FOCA might have on hospitals, with some health care professionals and bishops saying a strategy of ignoring the law, if it passes, would be more effective than closing hospitals.

THIS is the proper and indeed only response appropriate for the likes of Jerald Nadler and Barry Obama. Either shut the hospital or ignore the law.  "We're not doing it.  Piss off."

Honda and Toyota motor companies could learn a thing or two here for use in dealing with California.

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