Monday, March 23, 2009

Liberal hypocrites.

One of the main things that irritates me about the political Left is their propensity for lying. They don't dare tell anyone what they are really working toward, because no one would vote for them. You have to wait for one of them to screw up before you can tell what they are really about.

Case in point, racism. Everybody knows the Left is anti-racist. That's their big claim to fame, their big deal. They're the ones who keep making us change the language we use to identify people.

Like the mentally challenged. I mean the Special people. Er, the developmentaly retarded? Um, cretins? Morons? That's a partial listing of the verbal gymnastics the PC Left has forced on the medical community for puropses I can only describe as... moronic. But they are deadly serious! Use the wrong phrase in a description or a joke, and the PC Rage Brigade will fall upon you. People lose jobs over stuff like this all the time.

Here in the People's Republic of Kanada we have a whole government commission to take care of these things. The Canadian Human Rights Commission, and its provincial counterparts. They can take your house, and have done, over a few ill considered remarks in print.

Except once in a while one of -their- guys does it. And from the PC Rage Brigade you hear... nothing. Crickets chirping.

Most famously last week we have Barry "The Messiah" Obama making his "special olympics" crack on Jay Leno, to the tune of pretty much zero MSM coverage.

Bill Clinton? Free ride from American feminists on the Monica BJ-gate affair.

Here at home we have a certain cat lover who's overly fond of lawsuits. Big wheel in the Liberal Party of Canada to hear him tell it. Made a joke about the source of the meat in Chinese barbecue. Zero outrage on the Left, zero response from the Liberal Party.

And my final example, this dork who makes jokes about long beards on Orthodox Jews, and who also thinks Israel Apartheid Week is a fine idea.

My problem is not that they say these things. I don't care. I couldn't possibly care less. If Obama makes a retard joke, or some tool of the Liberal Party slimes Chinese food, so what?. Its a free country. They can say whatever idiot thing comes to their tiny incompetent minds. My approval or disapproval is not consequential.

My problem is that had George Bush said that, it would have gone down in history as the most vile thing ever. My problem is that if an obscure Conservative Party functionary made some crack about cat meat in Chinese food, he'd have been forced out of the party the next day on the winds of a shitstorm of recrimination and outrage. No apology would assuage, no punishment would suffice. If I made a joke about Orthodox facial hair on this blog, its entirely possible I could get a knock on the door from the HRC. They don't care about women's rights, cripples, cultural diversity, the environment, equal rights, none of it. Its all bullshit.

They're liars.

That's my problem. I'm forced to worry about what the code words for homosexual are this week, or what the accepted convolution is for congenital brain damaged adult, because of a bunch of racist, Jew hating, fag bashing, misogynist LIARS.

Here endeth the rant.

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Anonymous said...

Phantom...haven't been here for awhile.Good to be back!
Right on about the Libs!


The Phantom said...

Welcome back, Bluetech. Comment away, sir.