Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No, you are not paranoid enough.

Well, today we have not one but two shooting rampages to feed the gun control ghouls, so I thought it would be a good time to talk about the logical progression of it: knife control.

No, really. Knife control. I kid you not, the British government has just announced a brand spanking new initiative to "get knives off our streets".

Obviously the way to do that is to tax video games. I couldn't make this up.

...Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is set to announce fresh Government plans this morning [wed] to cut the number of knife crimes.

The Tackling Knives Action Plan is a £2million programme aimed at reducing deaths and serious violence among teenagers due to knives.

Violent games are "too cheap" and taxes on them should be "very high", Mr Taylor told MPs.

He told the Home Affairs Committee: "I have young people who I mentor and I see them go up and buy the games and it saddens me that they are being able to have such a negative impact."

Mr Taylor declined to say how much tax should be levied on the video games however.

Apparently losing a child makes you an expert on reducing violence.

Mr Taylor became Mr Brown's special envoy on youth violence and knife crime last month.

Part of his role is to offer new ideas to the Premier on how to change young people's behaviour.

Britain has already drunk the gun control koolaid, and I use that metaphor advisedly, mindful of the results it had in Jim Jones' personal abattoir there in Guyana. Gordon Brown is following the Jonestown glide path, trotting out Mr. Taylor to tug on the nation's heart strings with his tale of woe so as to get more, better and different restrictions on the populace.

Just to be exquisitely clear here, I say this not to mock Mr. Taylor's loss, nor to mock Mr. Taylor himself. He's being used by unscrupulous assholes in the British Labour Party as a bloody shirt, to be waved above the bastions for the betterment of the Party and its innumerable damn fool policy decisions. Gordon Brown now, him I'm mocking the hell out of.

Gun control in Britain has been a deadly failure. There are more gun crimes now than there were when the law was introduced. Like, a lot more. This new push on knives is taking place to distract the public from the failure of the gun law. The inevitable knife ban will fail as well. This is a no brainer.

Ultimately the glide path moves into banning video games, then censoring all "violence" from the media (violence being defined as anything Labour doesn't like) and finally they will ban the consumption of alcohol. Which will work exactly as well as the gun ban. Which is to say it will be far worse than useless. This assumes they don't skip over all that and go straight to the forced labor camps.

People in Britain will wake up right about the time Labour prohibits the sale of alcohol. Brits seem willing to dodge bullets on the way to the pub, but I very much doubt they'll be willing to forgo drinking. This is my prophecy.

The Phantom


The Highwayman said...
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Alex said...

Good post, Phantom. Y'know, my gf told me she was verbally harassed on the subway the other day, and I wanted to get her a taser, but even they are restricted in Canada. Imo women should be the most outraged about the fact that they cannot defend themselves if need be. It's just infuriating.

The Phantom said...

Taser? Oh that's SO illegal here. She'd get fucked up a lot worse for zapping a rapist with that than what the rapist would do to her.

Cops are what's dangerous in this country these days. Not their fault, but true all the same.

Bear spray you can get. Its for bears, but it does work on dogs too. If you take my meaning.

A fixed blade knife can work too, if she knows not to show it to the goof before she sticks him with it. Girls tend not to be too good with that, but they are trainable. Just usually not by their bf. :)

The Highwayman said...

Ha-ha! Amazing how I can control the actions of others! I've caused at least four of you SDA trolls to either enable total bans or comment moderation! Gutless little swine... can't handle derision or even a contrary opinion! The Highwayman shows up, and they all run! Ha-ha!

I like reading all of this Michael Savage-inspired drivel, just like I enjoy (once in awhile) listening to that fool rave like the loony he is! I also get a kick out of pissing off the "loony left" faggots, too! I can make people do just about anything, and not even try!

"The Phanton"... whoooaa! Ominous name, that is! Should be... "Dandy The Cowardly Lion"!


The Phantom said...

I published this one just to have an example of your wit available for everybody.

I note that your blog does not allow comments. This indicates you can dish it out but you can't take it. Your new name is Highwaypussy. Congratulations, pussy. You earned it.

Your own life is the best punishment for you that can be devised. Enjoy.