Friday, February 27, 2009

New victim group created: the dead.

I maintain that some of the greatest fools in history are alive today and working in government, so it is hard for them to shock me from that direction.  Today, I'm shocked.

Prosecutor certain convict abused more than three corpses

"We'll never know" how many victims there are, Deters said, "because [the disgusting accused insane person] doesn't know. We probably won't (ever) know the scope of his abuse."

Sparing us all the disgusting details, I'd like to point out the following.  You can abuse a person, you can abuse an animal, but you cannot "abuse" a corpse.  Its dead.  Corpses are defiled, not abused. 

A corpse cannot be a "victim".  Its dead. You can't victimize meat. Corpses are interfered with, desecrated, possibly even profaned, but not victimized. 

This concludes today's pissed off rant.

The Phantom


The Highwayman said...
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The Phantom said...

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