Sunday, November 23, 2008

See? Told ya!

Evidence du jour supporting my Official Phantom Prophecy of the immanent demise of Greenie Weenie causes in the political realm:  NBC jettisons Weather Network Environazi Unit.
NBC Universal made the first of potentially several rounds of staffing cuts at The Weather Channel (TWC) on Wednesday, axing the entire staff of the "Forecast Earth" environmental program during the middle of NBC's "Green Week," as well as several on-camera meteorologists.
And the money quote:
Forecast Earth was hosted by former CNN anchor Natalie Allen, with contributions from climate expert Heidi Cullen. It was the sole program on TWC that focused on global climate change, which raises the question of whether the station will still report on the subject. Cullen's future role at the network is not known.

There was a bunch of bafflegab at the end from NBC "explaining" why they shit canned 80 people and a whole global warming scare show, which boiled down to its essence translates to "This greenie propaganda isn't selling, advertisers are fleeing and we are losing our shirts here, so we are cutting our losses."

Hasta la vista, environazi programming.  Pretty soon you're not going to see the words "green" or "environment" anywhere in the media.  Its over.

The Crystal Ball Gazing Phantom

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