Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I may have to barf. Or break something. I can't decide.

Noah Richler's piece in the National Post today has flipped my biscuit, I must say.  Entitled "Our Obama Will Be Native" he says:

In all of this lie intimations of our own possible destiny. If Canada is to experience its own extraordinary, galvanizing political progression, it will not be because it has elected a black to high office. That would be pleasing enough, not least because slavery was also practised here, though it would be misrepresenting history to pretend that the issue is as profoundly troubling here as in the United States. But no, our own Obama moment will occur when Canada upholds a candidate from the First Nations as prime minister. Then we shall have confronted our own national shame. Then we shall have surmounted our own historical disgrace.

Will the race huckstering never cease?  Will the bleeding hearts bleating for "social justice" never be silent?  Will the accusations of bigotry continue forever?

You want national shame Noah?  You want historical disgrace? 

How about $14 billion a year, every year, spent to keep Indians rotting in starving, alcohol soaked, drug addled penury on reservations across the country?  How about the two-tier Ontario justice that allows a glorified biker gang to hold both the Six Nations reserve and the entire town of Caledonia hostage for three years now?  How about an infant mortality rate in northern reserves which approaches that of the Congo ?  How about an old boy network in the mythical First Nations governance that ensures nothing changes on these reserves, and the same people keep soaking up all the money?  How about a White socialist generated culture war that has Indians across the country repudiating Canada and pretending to be separate countries, as if that was a good thing?

Canada is absolutely the most tolerant nation in the world, to the point where we tolerate things that harm us all for fear of appearing judgmental.  There are no "victim groups" in this country, no sex or race or religion which is singled out for organized oppression by the general public.  There is only misguided, destructive government policy generated by IDIOTS the like of Mr. Richler, who seek to feather their own nests by keeping the Indians as clients of their oh so generous hand-out machine. The faster we dump this kind of thinking the sooner the suffering on the reserves will cease.

Should an Indian man become Prime Minister, I would hope that unlike Mr. Obama it is because he earned it with his abilities, hard work and honorable behavior.  You know, the way the rest of us do things.

The Phantom

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