Monday, November 17, 2008

The nature of freedom's enemy.

I read today a nice little spark of insight from Five Feet of Fury:"Because Harry Potter is not a documentary".

Here in Soviet Canuckistan as y'all know (because I never shut up about it!) we have the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its various provincial versions acting as judge, jury and executioner in various cases where a person has posted something on the Internet that proved to be "unacceptable".  Or refused to print something, in one case. 

Anyway, there is in fact a little industry at the HRC of government employees beavering away all day posting really objectionable things at blogs and message boards, trolling for agreement or just trying to see if their filth gets left on the board for a while.  Then a different person files a complaint, and in 100% of the cases (so far) the target is found guilty and fined.

There are those in Canadian public life who have said out loud and in print that this is A Good Thing, and the HRCs should keep doing this and probably do it more.  Regarding these worthies, The Furious One says:

Remember: our fight is only 50% ideology, if that.

<cowardly Phantom snippage of naming names, I don't have a legal defense fund>
This fight is really about class, social standing, prestige. Who has it, who doesn't, and how that status quo can be maintained, by using the powers of the State to break the law, if necessary.

I would venture that this is more about -money-.   Prestige don't pay off the car loan, know what I mean?

Maybe not a buttload of money, but they are paying the bills and the work is pretty easy.  If anything the small sums involved make these individuals go all the harder.  They're trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table by hunting "bad guys", so "bad guys" is what they will come up with.   Even if they have to manufacture them.  If in the process they manage to destroy MY freedom to say what I want, well that's just too bad.  Business is business.

As an employment model I'd rather shovel shit from one place to another myself, but then I'm the "bad guy" here.  By insisting that the government has no business censoring speech in a free country, they say I'm "enabling" eeeevile  racist/bigot/homophobes to damage our society.  I should just shut up and let the Big Brains get things done, because I'm stupid and must be controlled for my own good.

Well no, actually I'm screwing with these Nazi hunter's paycheck and benefits package, which makes them frantic.  Double that for the global warming and gun control crowds, they are watching their golden geese shrivel and die already.

Read the whole Furious piece, its a giggle.

The Phantom Nazi-Hunter Hunter

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