Sunday, November 02, 2008

How to tell bad policy.

This is rich. Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry is a little book by two avowed Marxists. Which is funny as hell, because the "Aboriginal Industry" is pretty much a creation of Marxists from the 1970's. Its created a situation so heinously bad even fellow travelers can't stomach it.

"These revelations came to them when the two worked advising the Northwest Territories government in the 1990s. The territory had incorporated into official policy something called "traditional knowledge," requiring departments to include the spiritual folklore of Inuit and First Nations culture in decision-making about resource management - say, approving mines or setting hunting quotas."

Religion in government?! This cannot BE!

So they wrote a little book. You can tell something is really, really not working when it won't stand up to a functional analysis done by actual Marxists. I mean, 14 billion a year and people are still starving/freezing to death? Even a Commie can tell that ain't right.

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