Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rodents of Unusual Size!

A Rodent of Unusual Size has been discovered in South America. No not
Chavez, this one's dead already.
> The fossilised skull of a rat the size of a car has been unearthed.
> The creature lived about four million years ago, weighed about a tonne
> and ate mostly soft vegetation. It was so big that it probably spent
> much of its life semi-submerged in water, like a hippo, to reduce the
> stresses caused by its size.
> Palaeontologists found the skull in rock deposits in Uruguay. It is
> believed to date back two to four million years to a time when giant
> wildlife was commonplace in South America.
And yes, they are calling it Mighty Mouse. What else?

You though this was going to be about DemocRats, didn't ya? ~:D

The Tricksy Phantom

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