Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Now here's a scary poll.

Wall to wall positive press coverage has its advantages it seems.

OTTAWA -- A new poll suggests Canadians would root en masse for whichever leading Democrat winds up facing the Republicans in this year's U.S. presidential election.

The Canadian Press/Harris Decima survey suggests Canadians so overwhelmingly favour the Democrats, it barely matters whether Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton win today's New Hampshire primary.
I've got ten bucks right here says not one of those polled in favor of DemocRats could name one single policy of Obama's, yet they -say- they love the guy.  Or Hillary, its ok either way.  Given the number of unflattering pictures of Hillary that started circulating this week that may change, as the masses of asses start to respond to the media hatchet job on Nurse Rached.

In the world of biology there's a name for this: regurgitation.  The puking back of what has been shoved in, completely un-digested.  And we wonder why this country is an over taxed, over regulated mess.

The Phantom

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