Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dakar/Rat Patrol Memorial Rally and Turkey Shoot

The boys and girls over at Small Dead Animals have convinced me I need to field a team in this year's canceled Dakar Rally.

No Problem! Here's our chase vehicle and supply wagon.
As you can see from this New Year's Day pic, the race prep is almost complete!
Ok, well at least the motor is nearly ready!Perhaps "nearly ready" is slightly optimistic, but at least I got it to the machine shop yesterday. Pretty soon I'll have 88 smokin' horsepower to shoehorn into my wreck... er truck.

Moving right along, here's Team Phantom's invincible race vehicle!

No, that's not Photoshop, it really does say "The Phantom" on it. Yes, I do have a big head. And here it is today, as of 11AM this morning, race-ready and rarin' to go!
Anybody got a shovel?

The Phantom

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Gerardo said...

The race vehicle looks awesome. Looks like nothing has changed, just the toys have gotten bigger. So do you get to shoot anything up in the great white North?

Very nice site.