Friday, January 04, 2008

Of course you realise this means war...

Gearheads of the world take note, Al Queer-da has moved from obscure head cutting swine to official pain in the ass with this latest move.  The bastards have caused the cancellation of the Dakar Rally!
Al-Qaida threats against the Dakar Rally and an attack in Mauritania forced organizers to cancel the annual race on Friday, the eve of the 5,760-mile trek across North African desert scrubland and savannah.

It was the first time the automobile, motorbike and truck rally has been called off in its 30-year history. In a statement, organizers blamed "threats launched directly against the race by terrorist organizations." the Dec. 24 killings of a French family and international tensions.

Yep, the sons of camel crap gunned down a whole family on Christmas Eve while they were having a picnic beside the road.  Also blew up a UN office in Algiers on Dec. 11th (they love numbers, eh?) and killed 37 people.

Patrice Clerc, who heads the company that organizes the rally, told The Associated Press the threats against the rally came from al- Qaida's North Africa wing. He said the French government warned explicitly that the race was threatened but did not share its intelligence.

"Yes, we perhaps bowed to terrorism but our company today does not have the right to run this risk for all those people who trust it," Clerc added. "We don't have the right to play games with safety."

This is true.  You boys grabbed your freakin' ankles for 'em.  Not a proud moment for Europe, France in particular.

On the one hand, it would be stupid to get killed over a car race.  On the other hand, guys get killed in car races all the time.  Nobody goes in the Dakar Rally thinking its going to be this nice, safe walk in the park.  The Gearhead Way would be to say thanks for nothing, government of France, get gun permits from Mauritania for every man, woman and grease monkey in the entire race entourage, and GO RACING.  Its the fucking Dakar, its supposed to be dangerous.  That's the whole point of it in the first place.  Gee, maybe the French PUSSY government could send some guys too!

I daresay the noble freedom fighters who bravely shot unarmed women and kids on Christmas Eve would bravely face 3,000 ARMED and pissed off racers and pit beasts, plus the army of Mauritania, plus maybe even some guys from the French Foreign Legion if Sarkozy actually has a pair.  Or not.  Either way, backing down from these assholes is not going to make the world a safer place. 

Fuck 'em!  Go racing.  If they stick their retarded heads up, shoot 'em off.


Anonymous said...

Mark Thatcher--son of the former British Prime Minister Atilla the Hen--got lost while driving along the route.

Poor Mommy Maggie, she had the hardest time getting something her next to incompetent son could do.

Not long after the race, Maggie introduced her son to the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi with the hopes he could become something.

It seems this race is jinxed.

Anonymous said...

If you're so gung ho for it why not try doing it yourself? Or is your courage confined to your living room?

The Phantom said...

Well Mr. Anonymous sir, I could answer but seeing as how your courage doesn't even extend to you leaving a handle, much less your actual name, I think maybe I won't bother.

But please feel free to bite me at any time, eh?