Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What would happen in Kanada?

Here's a story I like.
Grandma kills robber with gun. I like that. Its so much better than
what I read in Ontario papers, which is "Robber with gun kills
Grandma". This one's got extra spice too, because the robber laid there
four hours before the cops came. Check it:

> As the man was breaking through a storm door that leads into the house
> itself, the woman fired several shots through her front door, striking
> Tillman once in the chest.
> Police said the shots were fired from a pistol, most likely a gun that
> her daughter had given her after a man broke into the elderly woman's
> house in December, battered her and stole some items.
> <>
> The man may have been dead for as long as four hours before police
> arrived. Police said that the woman was not sure that she had hit
> Tillman when she fired the shots about 2 a.m. However, she was too
> afraid to go outside to check and could not call for help because the
> telephone lines were dead.
> When the woman's daughter arrived about 6 a.m. to bring her mother
> breakfast, she found the dead man on the porch, police said.

Shit for brains pulled the phone lines before attempting his B&E,
probably because he was planning something real special for Grandma.

I don't generally condone shooting blind through a door because you
never know who that is out there for sure. Better to let them do all
the work of getting the door open and then blast 'em once you know who
it is. But, that assumes a physically fit defender and only one bad
guy. If you're a little old lady with only a pistol, and you don't know
how many there are out there but you know they're robbers, better to
shoot through the door.

However, the question arises, what would happen to Grandma in Canada?
She's not allowed to have that pistol, for starters. She's also not
allowed to fire on robbers, you have to call for the police and you have
to run away first. 100% for certain she'd be charged with illegal
posession of a restricted weapon AND improper storage, probably they'd
charge her with murder and reckless discharge of a firearm too.

Given the high profile of the case they would then plea bargain away the
gun charges and the murder to manslaughter, she might get off. But the
legal fees would ruin her financially, she'd certainly lose any savings
she had and she'd lose the house. All because she didn't let some
goblin in to possibly kill/rape/beat her and certainly rob her. Great

Canada has a ways to go, I'd say.

The Phantom

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