Sunday, February 05, 2006

Liberals can't let go of the gun issue.

Great.  Juuuust great.  We dodge the bullet of a federal Liberal party baning guns, now we are looking at the Ontario Liberal party trying it on.
Ontario should have the right to ban handguns and will, if necessary, go looking for the power to outlaw "these weapons of human misery," Attorney General Michael Bryant says.And if Ottawa doesn't give provinces the power to ban such weapons, Bryant said, Ontario "will have to look at the narrow constitutional opportunities that are available to us."
Bryant, arguing it's time for gun collectors to call it a day, said handgun ownership should be limited to police, the military and Olympic sharpshooters."Nobody needs to have a handgun in their house, and nobody should because of the dangers caused even by safe storage of these weapons of human misery," Bryant said yesterday.
So Mikey, you genius you, how does one become an Olympic sharp shooter if nobody can keep a gun around to practice with?  And we wonder why the thugs are taking over Toronto, Lord thunderin'.

Frankly I think he's flapping his gums, because they don't have the power to do that.  Guns are federal jurisdiction only.  But let us consider the reason for all the gum flapping here.  What happened?  Well, an evile, socially irresponsible, GUN collector allowed his eeeevile collection of "weapons of human misery" to be purloined by the criminal element. 
The attorney general's comments came a day after an Oshawa gun collector reported the theft of 40 registered handguns, stolen from his home as he lay in hospital recuperating from a stroke. The weapons are the latest stolen in a rash of break-ins at the homes of gun collectors in the Greater Toronto area.
The BASTARD!  The nerve of him having a stroke like that!  So what heinous implements of mass death did this NAZI WAR CRIMINAL have in his unwholesome posession?
Prized guns in the collection were 10 mint-condition German Lugers, the kind Col. Klink wore as he ran the prison camp on TV's Hogan's Heroes. They ranged from 1915 to 1940 models and were in their original boxes."These guns alone were worth more than $10,000," he said. Foster estimates the collector value of the entire collection to be more than $50,000
Makes you want to cry.  At least the friggin' cops didn't charge the old man like they did this guy.  Probably because he lives in Oshawa and not Toronto.  T.O. jerks would have charged him I bet, right there in his hospital bed.

The Phantom

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