Thursday, February 02, 2006

Its different for reporters!

On Drudge right now, 10:30 AM Thursday:
**Exclusive** ABCNEWS executives have not viewed the video footage that was being taped when anchorman Bob Woodruff was injured by an explosive in Iraq, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.... The tape has remained in the original camera, a well-placed ABC source explained Thursday morning. ABC executives made the controversial decision not to remove the tape from the camera. "It is not first, second, or third on anyone's mind," said the insider.
Interesting.  I've been saying for years that this kind of tape should not be aired.  In vain, because we keep seeing  people getting blown up, shot, burned, hacked to death, etc. on the news and in print.  How many times did we see the US soldier shoot that wounded terrorist?  At least a hundred.  How many times have we seen the Vietnamese officer shoot the bound prisoner?  Too many.  These scenes are commonplace.  US soldiers dying, people nobody knows or cares about getting the chop are regular fodder for the evening news. 

But Bob Woodruff being blown up?  Well, that's different isn't it?

Do us all a favor ABC, burn the goddamn tape.  At least it will be one atrocity I don't have to have seared into my scarred-up brain tissue by endless repetition.  I really, really don't want to see that.

The Phantom

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