Thursday, February 09, 2006

What happens when Liberals cooperate with Chicoms

Wakeup call for Yahoo today that they made a deal with the devil.  Google, take note.
Yahoo Inc. provided evidence to Chinese authorities that led to the imprisonment of an Internet writer, lawyers and activists said on Thursday, the second such case involving the U.S. Internet giant.

The company cooperated with Chinese police in a case that led to the 2003 arrest of Li Zhi, who was charged with subverting state power and sentenced to eight years in prison after trying to join the dissident China Democracy Party, writer Liu Xiaobo said.


"The firm says it simply responds to requests from the authorities for data without ever knowing what it will be used for," Reporters Without Borders said in a statement.

"But this argument no long holds water. Yahoo certainly knew it was helping to arrest political dissidents and journalists, not just ordinary criminals," it said.

I find it hard to believe that there are enough hard eyed capitalists at Yahoo to make this China deal knowing this would happen.  The age of the robber barons is over.  In this age of executive sensitivity training and PC everything, no way.

No, these guy were "given assurances" by "highly placed Communist Party officials".  The officials said "Yes, in the time of Mao it was very common, but we don't do that kind of thing anymore.  Bad for business you know!  Ha ha ha!"  And they smiled and had lunch.

Basically they lied. Like Persian carpets they lied.  Chicoms do that sometimes.  And the Yahoo idiots believed them.  And so did the Google idiots.  In defense of these California doofi, the Chicom spokesman was probably very nice.

Liberals don't really believe in tyranny I think.  You tell them about death camps and people going to jail for anti-Party writing and forced abortions and all that stuff and they nod and say how terrible.  But they don't get it.  At the most basic emotional level they just ignore it, because in their rose coloured world people aren't capable of that.  So when they make deals with the Chicoms they believe what the nice Chicom spokesman tells them. 

Then there's the arrogance of Liberalism.  This time it'll be different!  This time, because its us Liberals on the job, they won't do anything bad because of our superior moral character and Good Intentions.  We will show them a Better Way, and they will be reformed into good people by their association with us.

Yeah, that sounds about right. Bet there's some serious uproar at Yahoo headquarters today, as people realize those assurances aren't worth the fancy paper they are written on.

The Hard Eyed Phantom

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