Thursday, August 02, 2018

Woman crashes into man's car because TRUMP!!!

Today in our "random acts of kindness and senseless beauty" file, some liberal woman road-raged a complete stranger over a Trump bumper sticker on his car. Drove into his car stopped at a stoplight, with his girlfriend inside at the time, and took off.

Chloe Wright is charged with driving offenses, vandalism and assault with a dangerous weapon. No word if hate crime charges are pending. If not, they should be.

And here we thought it was going to be Republicans shipping black people off in cattle cars, right?

The Ironic Phantom


Jonathan H said...

it seems to me that the accusations we see from Liberals are projection - they accuse others of doing what they would do in that position, not what the person is actually doing while there.

The Phantom said...

I agree. I see Liberals freaking the hell out and threatening all kinds of things all the time in the news, on the web, and they really DO it too.

That's why I have no bumper stickers on my vehicles. I'm a Phantom, they don't see me. But I'm there, somewhere. >:D