Monday, August 06, 2018

Apple, Farcebook, Pootube ban Alex Jones.

This is California culture asserting itself. Restrain, regulate, ban.

Apple, Facebook and YouTube clamped down on content by Alex Jones Monday.
Apple confirmed on Monday that it had removed five out of six podcasts, which includes Jones' infamous "The Alex Jones Show" as well as a number of other InfoWars audio streams. The news was originally reported by BuzzFeed News.
Facebook and Google made similar decisions later on Monday. Facebook removed four pages controlled by him, while Google removed the official "Alex Jones Channel" on its platform. The YouTube channel for InfoWars, the media company owned by Alex Jones, still remains live.

I'm not going to defend Alex Jones here, because that's not the point. He has an opinion that differs from the management of three big California tech companies, and they are using the power of their platforms to shut him down.

Lots of people have opinions that Big Silicon Valley technocrats don't like. For instance, every single American who voted for Donald Trump.

That they would even consider taking this sort of step now, against a small fry like Alex Jones, speaks volumes about their arrogance and their mindset.

Imagine what they're going to do in October, when the election determines whether Trump will be impeached or not. Imagine 2020.

Possibilities: How about every iPhone and Android device suddenly won't play Republican election ads? How about if all the data that Facebook has been scraping from the web for years suddenly becomes available to Antifa? Names, addresses, phone numbers, relatives, workplace, etc. They could actually do that. Its physically possible. Probably pretty easy. Couple of hours work, I would think.

And the political will is clearly there, they -want- to do it. Strike down the Nazi-voting Trumpers in one blow, a high-tech Kristalnacht.

I strongly think we are nowhere near paranoid enough, my friends.

The Phantom


The answer is quite obviously yes, they are working together. Possibly without even formally doing so. Same culture, same goals, they're all going to be on the same page pretty much.

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