Wednesday, August 08, 2018

An Academic Woman-splains Free Speech.

I saw this at Small Dead Animals, and it is a beauty. "Do you remember Deborah MacLatchy? Wilfrid Laurier's President and Vice-Chancellor has penned a special message for all Canadians..."

Not merely free speech, but better speech needs to be protected on campus

Better than what, you ask? Good question, as it turns out. Rex Murphy asks that question.

Amid the vast waste of anodynes, platitudes and non-sequiturs, it was difficult to pick out a winner — the most tired, numb and vacant verbalism. But I struggled and chose, from her opening sentence, her claim that Laurier "has been at the centre of the campus free-speech conversation during the past year."

Just like there are two genders plus academic bullshit, there are two kinds of speech. There is free speech, and there is coerced speech. Otherwise known as shutting up if you know what's good for you.

The Phantom

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