Monday, July 23, 2018

Toronto shooter named.

Toronto Danforth shooter was named today.

A 29-year-old man opened fire with a handgun in Toronto's busy Greektown neighbourhood Sunday night, according to Ontario's police watchdog, leaving at least two dead, and injuring 13 others.
On Monday afternoon, Ontario's police watchdog named the suspect as Faisal Hussain, of Toronto.
The Special Investigations Unit said the shooting began around 10 p.m., when the gunman began firing at groups of several people as he made his way down Danforth Avenue in the city's east end.

Apparently the man had unspecified mental health issues, according to his parents.

Just like the last guy who killed a bunch of random people on a Toronto sidewalk. That guy is amazingly absent from the news lately.

This one is another "incel", no doubt. (That sound is my eyes rolling.)
I'm not going to say anything more about that, except to note that this guy was moving and shooting pretty good for a depressed psychotic. Somebody taught him how to do it, given the video.

On a completely unrelated note, did y'all Americans know that it is massively illegal for a person diagnosed with a serious mental illness to buy or own any gun in this country? Did you know that there is a special pistol permit and course that you have to go through to get a pistol here? Did you know that there is ANOTHER permit you have to get to allow you to transport your pistol to the shooting range to practice? Did you know you can't get any of those permits or take any of the required courses if you have a diagnosis of mental illness?

I'm just wondering, where did this murderer learn to shoot? Inquiring minds want to know.

Update: Welcome, unruly Instapundit horde!

Update 2: 

Canadian authorities said Wednesday they have no evidence to substantiate a claim by the Islamic State group that the gunman who killed two people in a Toronto rampage was an IS soldier.
The group's Amaq news agency said the gunman, identified by police as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain, was an IS "soldier" responding to its calls for attacks on nationals from countries fighting the group in Iraq and Syria.
"At this stage, we have no evidence to support these claims," Toronto police said in a statement.
They do though. Video of him moving like a trained guy. People with no training do not move like that.

Is something rotten in the State of Denmark Canada? 


Brad said...

Amazing how coincidental it all is, isn't it?

It's not a conspiracy, in the truest sense, because there's been no meeting or agreement to "cover" for the motivating ideology.

They just do it.

Doug said...

His parents will, of course, provide documentation of professional diagnosis and treatment of these "mental issues". And the media are working assiduously to bring this information to the public to assure them that this has NOTHING TO DO WITH TERRORISM.

Jack Sherman said...

He started having mental issues = he started going to the jihadi mosque

Unknown said...

...smells like..looks like....mental gymnastics to not identify 800lb gorilla ...

Freddie Sykes said...

Faisal Hussain? He sounds like a Unitarian to me.

Anonymous said...

Another friendly misunderstood victim of circumstance. LOL.

Alphaeus said...

What I don't get is why they want to terrorize us but they don't want to tell us what it is we're being terrorized by and what it is we're supposed to be so afraid of. Could it be that the chaos and confusion and cognitive dissonance is more the point of the Islamic terrorism than it is the promotion of Islamic power and hegemony?

If it's not Islam that is killing us then how do we know we're supposed to submit to Islam out of fear of it?

I'm thinking that the Globalist scum bags use the violence inherent in Islam in order to promote their totalitarian police state apparatus. That would explain why they subject us to its violence but obscure the connection to Islam lest we resist having so many Muslims around to infest our society where they can terrorize us in service to the Globalist scum.

The Phantom said...

Greetings all. Perusing the news today, there is nothing further of any import. Names of the two dead girls were released, which I will not re-print here. Their families have enough to deal with, I'm not going to stick my nose in.

Anonymous said...

To Alphaeus:

The actual attacks aren't that scary.

The uncertainty about what they are actually doing magnifies the fear. The cover ups let rumor run wild, and inspire fear of media power.

There's faction of the American left that isn't itself Islamic, but does tend to identify their interests with Muslims. I don't understand Canadian demographics and politics well enough to say if the same applies there.

Zsuzsa said...


In general the Islamic terrorists are more than willing to tell us why they're doing this. It's the Western media that tries to hide it. The typical conversation between a jihadist and a reporter would go like this:

Jihadist: Death to all the Infidels!

Reporter: Poor fellow. You're doing this because of your issues of depression and the racism you suffer in this country, aren't you?

J: What? No! I'm doing this because my religion commands it! Allah says to smite the non-believers wherever you find them!

R: But it's our fault for not being understanding enough.

J: Well, I suppose in the sense that you don't understand that you need to submit to Islam or be killed...

R: Perhaps more mental health services would have helped you. We need to reach out more to immigrants.

J: (Shoots reporter) Maybe Allah can explain it to him.

Alphaeus said...

"J: (Shoots reporter) Maybe Allah can explain it to him."

Wouldn't that solve most of our problem right there? And it would be the will of Allah, I think.

Alphaeus said...

"There's faction of the American left that isn't itself Islamic, but does tend to identify their interests with Muslims."

Yes, and a normal person would think that was crazy, but I was thinking a long time ago that the Left thinks of Islam as a hammer they can smash Christianity with, and Islam thinks of the Left the same way. And that's why the are hammering us in such a coordinated way.

The Phantom said...

Hey Alphaeus,welcome to the Soapbox.

The Left is motivated by hate and fear. Here's the video of hate and fear in action:

That's in my Wednesday update, found here:

Watch the video of the school teacher RANTING uncontrollably. She is -terrified- of conservatives, Trump, Doug Ford, and especially of the people who voted against her Liberal laundry list. She is filled with rage, and blames those people and groups for the shootings. Really! Doug Ford is why that Hussein guy went out there and shot all those people, because intolerance and racism made him do it.

The Liberals here and the DemocRats in the USA are pandering to this woman. They don't care about Islamic terrorists, they literally do not notice it. They blame Trump! Donald Trump pulled the trigger, as far as they're concerned.

So I think we have our work cut out for us. Dismantling that mindset and demented worldview is not going to happen easily or quickly. It will take a lot of work.