Thursday, July 26, 2018

Gun control a topic in Canada again. Inevitably.

I posted this comment at Small Dead Animals, and include it here for y'all's edification and enjoyment.

"Why are they blaming legal shooters and not the obvious?"
That is a legit question. I've wondered about that for a long time. Here's your answer.
The Rebel has a video up of a Toronto teacher going off on one of their reporters at the memorial for the slain on Danforth. You watch the video, and the teacher ranting wildly (at what is essentially a funeral, to be sure) is the reason for Ottawa blaming shooters. There's a huge number of her clones out there, all doing the same thing. You've all seen the type, you know a bunch yourselves.
Politicians go where the votes are. There's a BIG constituency of people in Canadian cities who HATE and FEAR other people. Politicians are pandering to that hate and fear.
What's easier for John Tory, really? To start jailing all the gang pukes selling drugs in Toronto? To run stings on murderous @$$h0le$ like Mr. Hussein the Danforth shooter? To shut down all the illegal stuff being done by immigrants, that leads to them knifing and shooting each other? (White people are not getting knifed and shot. Same as the USA, the victims and the shooters are pretty much all black. Nobody gives a !@#% about black people at City Hall, for realz.)
There's no political will out there for him to do that. He'll get called a racist/bigot/homophobe. So Tory blathers about guns instead. It doesn't impact his budget, his poll numbers go up, and after the speech he doesn't have to -do- anything. The mayor of Toronto cannot institute a gun ban, he has no power to do so. But he can SAY he's going to, and all the moronic school teachers will scream approval, and then… nothing happens. Just saying it is sufficient. That's why the crime keeps getting worse.
The people who will be affected negatively by the new law, if there is one, all live OUTSIDE TORONTO. They don't vote for John Tory, or the Liberals generally. Liberals lose nothing by angering the entire rest of Canada outside the three big cities, and they know it.
There you go. That's why. So, either we all get together and change that equation to one where John Tory is terrified to mention guns or gun control in public because he'll lose his next election, or it just keeps getting worse.
You don't have to look far to see how its going to go, either. Just consider Buffalo and Detroit, those two places are the model for where this is all headed.

The Phantom

Update: Instalanche!!!


Gary Marshall said...

Exactly. These mercenary, political cowards won't blame their voting groups, so they blame inanimate objects and seek remedies therein.

Glenn Arnold said...

What else should we expect but more liberal stupidity and apathy from the Tory Brits of North America. Sad.

Tim Cogswell said...

Sure, I get it... the government takes the firearms of honest, law abiding citizens; and the Islamists will follow by freely giving-up their firearms. That sounds a plan.

The Phantom said...

Gary, one would think that immigrants etc. were voting for all this "hands off" policy with the police, and the gun control etc. But they aren't.

Who is voting for this stuff is middle aged White women, mostly. That's the core demographic for the Liberal Party. Toronto is stuffed with them.

Check the second video. That is who's voting for this. that is who politicians are pandering to.