Saturday, July 14, 2018

Me too = #YouToo!

Professor at Canadian university.

Seen first at Small Dead Animals, this is the perfect example of Leftists and effete literary snobs behaving like a pack of rabid dogs.

In an exclusive account, author Steven Galloway reveals for the first time how shocking accusations of sexual assault devastated his career — and his life. In the fall of 2015, Galloway was suspended as chair of the Creative Writing Program at the University of British Columbia for unspecified "serious allegations." By the summer of 2016, he had been fired over what the university called an "irreparable breach of trust." But last month, an arbitrator awarded Galloway $167,000, ruling that UBC violated his privacy rights and damaged his reputation. Now, in his own words, the celebrated novelist says he will no longer be silent.

What follows is a big long tale of woe, about how all his Ivory Tower friends JUMPED at the chance to believe the accusations, piled on, and generally acted like insane weasels. He was shocked by this.

The hatred and gleeful malice I have seen directed at me, my family, and anyone with the temerity to suggest I am not a monster has shattered me. I have watched as individuals who have never met me spent the past few years relentlessly attacking me, treating it all like some sort of game, a way to carve out a name for themselves. They display their false virtue like the tail feathers of a peacock. One University of Alberta professor puts her hatred of me in her official bio, and when I wrote to her asking that she take into account that I am a human being with feelings, and that my children read what she says about me, she responded by hosting a live-tweeted "academic" conference in which I was called a rapist and compared to Robert Pickton.

Later on, we get this gem:

When my first novel was accepted for publication I was 23 years old and encountered nothing but supportive people in the world of Canadian writing. That changed overnight. Recently, "CanLit" has been described as a dumpster fire. Though juvenile, the description is apt. I've watched what I always imagined to be a kind, inclusive, supportive community turn against itself. The cruelty some people have displayed has been shocking. There have always been those who seek to build themselves up by tearing others down, but I'd never seen so much of it until recently. We have been taken over by a bloodlust in a search for targets of indignation.

Yeah. Shocking.

I wonder if Steven Galloway still thinks that Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a Nazi?

The Wondering Phantom

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Zsuzsa said...

Interesting article. For me, though, the most notable part was this:

"The graduate student told me that a man who was interviewing for a job at the university had choked and groped her. She did not want to formally report the alleged assault but wanted assurance that the man would not get the job. I reported the incident to the Program Chair, Keith Maillard, and he notified the Graduate Advisor. Instead of taking the allegation to the Dean’s Office, we respected the graduate student’s request to keep her complaint confidential. Under Maillard’s direction, steps were taken by the three of us to ensure that the candidate didn’t get the position."

And that's the last that's mentioned of this incident. The graduate student in question goes on to accuse our narrator of raping her, but there's never any further reflection about this guy who lost a chance at a job because of an anonymous accusation that he never even got to hear about, much less refute.

I have some sympathy for Mr. Galloway, but not a lot. It sounds to me like the community was never "kind, inclusive, supportive" but it just hadn't turned against him. If someone else had been in Galloway's position, I suspect he'd have been wielding the pitchfork as enthusiastically as his colleagues wielded it against him.

The Phantom said...

Right? He's cheating on his wife, he's denying a candidate a job based on a -crazy- accusation from the same woman he ended up being accused by, and who he was cheating on his wife with.

He's an ASSHOLE. And he's stupid. I wouldn't lend him my ladder.

But, being a stupid asshole is a different proposition than being a violent rapist. He's been hanging out with people who are happy to -falsely accuse- a person, even a person they know, of a capital crime.

And you know, when you read Canadian "literary fiction", that impression definitely comes across. Robert Sawyer in SF for example, the guy is full SJW, all over the Internet acting like Scalzi, and his books reflect it.

Now, in the ultimate irony, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada has his very own #MeToo, and all these strident feminists are being very, very quiet right now.

Scott Anderson said...


Unknown said...

Time to add false accusers, virtue signalers, career destroyers, and other liberal bullies to the #metoo movement.

Micha Elyi said...

Who was it who first remarked, "A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged"?

Guy Galt said...

Sawyer used to be Canada's shining example to the world that they weren't just a 2nd rate country in the USA's shadow. No longer.

Chris said...

The karma bus ran roughshod over this spineless weasel and all he can do is whine and cry that the accusation has ruined his life. Well guess what Mr. Galloway, you got exactly what you deserved. As to the court settlement, that is infinitely more than anyone else who has been falsely accused of anything has ever received so shut your whine hole. I've personally known three people who have been falsely accused of heinous acts that destroyed their lives, one committed suicide, who got nothing more than a shrug and an "oh well' when the truth came to light, and their accusers walked away scot free with absolutely ZERO consequences.