Monday, April 09, 2018

Update, Richard Osborn-Brooks murder charge dropped.

Here's some news, Mr. Richard Osborn-Brooks has been released by the London police, and they are saying he will not be charged with murder. Somebody blinked.

The pensioner arrested over the killing of a serial burglar who broke into his home has today been released with no further action.

Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78, allegedly stabbed career criminal Henry Vincent, 37, at his home in south-east London this week, leading to the burglar's death.

He was arrested on suspicion of murder but has now been told that no action will be taken following discussions between the Met Police and Crown Prosecution Service.

On Friday afternoon, Mr Osborn-Brooks' house was boarded up and CCTV cameras were installed amid fears the pensioner might be attacked. 

Interesting comments from MPs on the issue:

A former Tory defence minister last night called Mr Osborn-Brooks' treatment at the hands of police 'absurd'.

Sir Gerald Howarth said: 'There's clear law on this. If an intruder armed with a weapon suffers fatal injuries, that's his fault. There should be no mercy for people like that.

'It's not only absurd, it's wholly immoral that a householder seeming to protect himself and his family and his property should be the subject of a police investigation - and he should not have been held in custody.

'There is clear case law on this involving a man some years ago in Fulham who had a sword on his wall. Confronted by an intruder, he ran him through with the sword. The householder was acquitted by a jury. The police force is in crisis. It is completely consumed by political correctness.'

Tim Loughton MP, a member of the Home Affairs Committee, said: 'Due process of law needs to take place but every constituent who has contacted me about it said (Mr Osborn-Brooks) should be treated as a hero rather than being in the frame for a crime.

'You are talking about a vulnerable 78 year-old pensioner with a disabled wife in a house interrupted by two burglars. Why on earth is he being investigated for murder?

There is no question that Mr Osborn-Brooks was innocent of murder. They took the man on Wednesday and didn't release him until Friday, over a mater of lif-or-death self defence. Which is obscene.

The police were clearly operating -outside- the law in this case, for reasons as yet unexplained. The lack of any sort of case must have been pointed out to them rather strenuously by the Crown attorney's office. One suspects higher influence being brought to bear, and then frustrated by publicity.

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