Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nice rant by Sarah Hoyt.

Sarah is in fine form on PJ Media, talking about John Ringo, one of my favorite authors of all time, being DIS-invited to an SF/F convention because the con management was afraid they couldn't guarantee his safety.

I became aware that something was going on between ConCarolinas (a science fiction convention in Charlotte) and my friend John Ringo, in a tiny private group on Facebook.  This is literally the group for my innermost circle, the people I trust.
They were talking about Ringo being Mau-Maued out of ConCarolinas.
I perked my ears up at this, first because of course, ConCarolinas has been a Baen adjacent con, meaning that Baen authors have more or less always attended, and I've heard stories of "so we were at con Carolinas, when—" and second because I lived in Charlotte for seven years and still have friends there.
It's been known for years – as long as I've been published in SF/F – that conservatives get invited to be guests of honor at conventions far less often than leftists in SF/F and infinitely less than red-diaper-babies in SF/F, but ConCarolinas seemed like a weird place for a conflagration of snowflakism.
I went over to John Ringo's page and read about it.  As far as I could tell, a bunch of people on Twitter had been badgering both the con-committee and the other (very leftist) guest about inviting someone who was… what the heck was he?  I don't know.
In the beginning, the accusation against him was that he was "Puppy Adjacent."

Sarah goes on to point out that Sad Puppies has been over for two years. Even the Rabid Puppies of coat-tail rider Vox Day has been over for a year, which tells you that every last candy has been beaten out of the WorldCon pinata. that thing is -empty-.

Which means the SJWs don't have anyone to push back against. We stood up to them, spit in their collective eye, flipped them off, and then walked away. Leaving them there alone, with nothing to do.

So they did what bullies always do. They ran after us and yelled for a while, two years for the Sad Puppies. Every other post from the Usual Suspect SJW blogs (no, I'm not giving those pricks a free click. If you're dying to see, check out Vile666 or floppy cameldung) has been raging on at those evil Sad Puppies. Now, this year, they can't stand it that we're still ignoring them. So they started shoving. I think we're up to three separate incidents of self-identified conservatives being dis-invited or pre-emptively barred from attending SF/F conventions. At least two, could be more as I don't pay that much attention to the drama. Joke's over, right? Moving on, right?

Nope. This is the hill the Lefties have chosen to die on. They're going to see to it that every single SF/F con out there excludes conservatives. One death-threat at a time if need be, apparently.

To which I must say, be my guest, you useless assholes. I can't boycott SF/F conventions any harder than I already am.

I used to stumble through a couple of comic book conventions a year, but last year they started frisking everyone. I have to put up with being frisked at the airport. They have guns. I do -not- have to put up with being frisked at a fucking comic book convention. I am not going ever again.

Conventions are entertainment. They are supposed to be fun. If every panel and every booth and every speech is a political soapbox used to bash my life, my culture and my freaking skin colour, am I going to pay money for that? Am I going to go someplace where people scream at me in the corridors because I have a Monster Hunter International patch on my jacket? No, not really. I'm not that different from other people. I expect that the conventions which allow SJW twitter mobs to dis-invite conservative authors will presently find out that SJWs are too few in number to keep a convention alive. Too bad, so sad.

The Phantom

Update: Welcome, vast wave of Kate McMillan's Flying Monkeys! She's got the Big Wing up tonight. ~:D


allan kenny said...

Think Mr. Ringo(also my favorite :) ) would allow someone to produce a "Ten Thousand" unit patch for people to wear to cons? It would sure make some twisted knickers amongst the SJWs.

paladin3001 said...

I would love a "Triple Nickel" patch more then a 10,000 patch. :)

Yeah I heard about this whole blow up and went to one of the usual suspects. Talk about a five minutes of hate rant about how bad and evil John Ringo was. Think I need to pick up his latest books....

The Phantom said...

Greetings, gents. ~:D

Personally, I want a SheVa-9 patch with BunBun on it.

Seriously, how many author's books are out there that you want merch from? I can think of two. Ringo's and Correia's.

Genie said...

I'm a fifty six year old female and Monster Hunters is my not so secret pleasure. Just sent the first two down range to Afghanistan to a couple of Servicemembers that helped me out. I hope they like them as much - what am I saying, they will LOVE them. Glad Instapundit site steered me to your page, it's been a great morning. Although I need to clean my keyboard now.

The Phantom said...

Hi Genie, happy to be of service. ~:D