Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Yes, Twitter IS silencing Conservatives.

Reblogged from Small Dead Animals today:

Twitter caught red fricking handed.

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas released a bombshell report on Thursday that shows Twitter employees admitting to censoring right-leaning accounts, including banning them from the network because they do not agree with their political views.
The report, based on undercover videos, shows Twitter employees admitting that they "shadow ban" right-leaning accounts, which essentially bans them from the platform without letting them know that they have been banned while allowing left-leaning accounts to slip through without the same scrutiny.
Another Twitter employee, Pranay Singh, admitted that the majority of their algorithms are geared in such a manner that they target people with certain political views.

In other news, the Canadian government is planning on making them do it even harder.

"Minister [of Democratic Institutions Karina] Gould has repeatedly stated that while social media companies are taking initial steps to ensure that their platforms are not being used as tools for foreign disinformation campaigns to undermine Canada's democratic institutions, there still remains a great deal of work to be done," wrote Nicky Cayer, spokesperson for Gould, in an email to the Sun. "This is a challenge that is being faced by democracies around the world. We are studying other countries' approaches to see what works and what does not, what would be appropriate in a Canadian context and what — like censoring Canadians' speech — would be unacceptable."

 Given the type of news running on CBC, CTV and Global, they'll just tell Google, Facebook and Twitter to crank the shadow-ban thing up to 11.

And as an aside, since when do we need a fricking Ministry of Democratic Institutions? Are you kidding me? My eyes are rolling so hard I can see my brain.

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