Thursday, February 01, 2018

The Cameltron doubles down.

Floppy Cameltron persists in his sea lion attacks on Sad Puppies authors. This is a comment I left there today. He probably won't post it himself, because the truth hurts. So, being a great guy, I'll do it for him.

Still milking it, eh Floppy? 11 days later, everybody else has moved on except you. Interesting.

Just a reminder that this all started because -you- stupidly decided you needed to mock Lou Antonelli and his new writer's guild.

One word of apology from -you-, floppy, and poor put-upon Foz and her (utterly invisible hasn't been heard from) husband will be left in peace. No more Bad Puppies accusing her of being Normal Girl. (The bastards, saying she's happily married to a man! The nerve of them!)

Think of it, Floppy. One little "sorry" from you to the Pups, and the horrifying torture of the innocent could stop! You don't even have to give up your secret identity! Wow! What a deal!

You won't, obviously, because you're getting all this delicious uproar. Sure, poor ol' Foz is suffering, but you don't mind that so much. It isn't like she's married to -you-, right?

You know, flopster, the true proof that you're not married to that woman is that she hasn't strangled you in your sleep yet.

By the way, feel free to play fuckaround with the spam filter business, this is going up at my blog too. Click-whoring has its downside.

The Phantom

Update: Lou Antonelli has had a change of heart, and says Floppy Cameltron is not the guy Lou said he was. This explains why Foz has not been arrested for cameltron strangling.

We will now be treated to a Cameltron victory lap. Oh joy.

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