Sunday, February 25, 2018

Leftist solution to violent crime: arrest the victim.

Read these two articles one after the other.

Broward County police allowed high school students to get away with literally any crime to improve county statistics and budgets. Result: 17 dead in Parkland. Plus who knows how many more rapes, armed robberies and murders.

One man is in hospital and a property owner is in custody after shots were fired during an alleged theft in progress early Saturday, Alberta RCMP said later in the day.

It happened near Okotoks at about 5:30 a.m., police said in a release, adding officers were on scene within minutes.

"The owner of the residence encountered two individuals rummaging through his vehicle(s). During the confrontation with the individuals, there were an unknown number of shots fired from a firearm. The suspects then fled the scene."

You defend your property and probably your life with a firearm, YOU go to jail. But this is my favorite part here:

Police are cautioning property owners to call them rather than "pursue or engage with suspicious individuals."

Translating from Officialese, this means "Let the punks take it, or we'll bust you down to your underwear and you'll never see freedom again." Probably for the same reason as Broward County, they don't want their statistics to slip. That's the true result of Leftists identity politics, playing itself out through bureaucracy.

The Phantom

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