Sunday, May 07, 2017

Whose brain got eaten?

A guy with a three million dollar book deal has decided he needs to piss on everybody else in the business.

Our writer looks around at who is new, who is hot, who is making it in the field and who isn't, adds up the anecdotal evidence that doesn't involve the impossible factors of himself or just plain bad luck. And then he thinks to himself:

You know, maybe it really is the Jews keeping me down.

Or the blacks. Or the gays. Or the liberals! Or the Millennials! The lousy SJWs and the feminists! Or all of them! All at once! For starters!

And that's when our writer looks up from the path, and in front of him stands the Brain Eater.

Who pulls out a spoon, cracks open our writer's skull, and starts feasting, while our writer goes onto the Internet and talks angrily and at length about who it is that is keeping him from what he deserves.

Projection, thy name is Scalzi.

The Projectable Phantom

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Sam L. said...

Scalzi Delenda Est.