Monday, May 01, 2017

How dare you paint that!!!

Artists had better watch out. SJWs are going to have the power to tell them what they may and may not paint.

Visions Gallery had planned to showcase the work of Amanda PL, 29, a local non-Indigenous artist who says she was inspired by the Woodlands style made famous in the '60s by the Anishinabe artist Norval Morrisseau, who focussed on nature, animals, Indigenous spirituality and medicine.
But within hours of the gallery's email announcement promoting the exhibit, there was a backlash, with people alleging that PL had appropriated Indigenous culture and art.
Chippewa artist Jay Soule was among those leading the charge. He argues PL blatantly copied Morrisseau with virtually no regard for the storytelling behind his work.
"What she's doing is essentially cultural genocide, because she's taking his stories and retelling them, which bastardizes it down the road. Other people will see her work and they'll lose the connection between the real stories that are attached to it," said Soule.

Its a funny kind of genocide that leaves guys like Jay Soule around to complain about it, as Kathy Shaidle is fond of saying. This would make a good comedy show, except that the gallery cancelled the show.

White people are not allowed to paint like this.

On the bright side, the artist did not make some kind of fulsome apology to these assholes. I view that as progress.

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