Thursday, March 10, 2016

War on men opens a new front at Harvard.

SJW's have decided that men's social clubs are the Root Of All Evil at Harvard U, and must be destroyed.

A task force charged with examining sexual assault at Harvard University is recommending that the school bar students from joining its all-male final clubs, blaming the single-sex organizations for perpetuating a "harmful sexual culture" on campus.

The task force argued in a new report that the all-male organizations, which have no formal relationship with the university, should be forced to accept women in order to fix the problem of sexual assault on Harvard's campus. The report, published this week, followed attempts by the Harvard administration to compel the all-male final clubs to accept women, an effort that the Washington Free Beacon previously reported has angered graduate members of the organizations and made current student members fear for their reputations.

The report from the Harvard Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Assault was accompanied by several appendices, including one from the task force's so-called "outreach and communications subcommittee" that presented a set of "ideas" for the administration to deal with the final clubs. One of the proposals suggested that the school threaten students with expulsion if they join an all-male final club.

Apparently a "final club" is a social club that one attends in one's final undergrad year.

Apparently the "Harvard Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Assault" has no would-be lawyers in it, it seems they don't understand the magnitude of legal risk that would fall upon the university if they actually expelled a paying student for membership in an off-campus club.

Apparently the SJW's at large have no appreciation of the irony that expelling people for belonging to an all-male club represents, given their commitment to "diversity."

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