Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels attack.

It's all over Drudge and everywhere else today, a terrorist attack in Brussels. Bombs blew up and killed people.

My opinions haven't changed. I'm very sad for the people who were killed and maimed in this ACT OF WAR.

I am very angry with the Canadian, American and European authorities whose insane immigration policies made this attack possible. The frightening thing is that we can be confident there is a similar cell of killers here in Canada planning the same thing.

You get what you vote for, my friends. Belgians voted for this. Canadians voted for this. Americans voted for this.

Somebody tell me again how eeeevile Donald Trump is for criticizing American immigration policy. Go ahead, I want to hear it.

My problem with Trump is not what he says, it is that I don't think he will actually do anything he's promising. He's a limousine liberal from New York City, and to date he has not walked his talk.

The Phantom

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Bill Elder said...

Re: Brussels -

You.describe Euro immigration/border policy as " insane" certainly seems that way - but my observation of big government is that things like this do not just keep happening unless they are allowed to -When you see repeated patterns of public abuse this horrendous, you can't ascribe it to stupidity - more like planned purposful stupidity