Monday, March 28, 2016

Batman vs. Superman, worth seeing.

Just got back from seeing Batman vs. Superman tonight. As usual, the critics panned it, and as usual they're a pack of idiots. This is a better movie than the latest Star Wars, in my opinion. Worth the ticket.

Why it is a good movie is because they followed the very successful comic book story line. There have been a few movies lately to do this, mostly Marvel Universe ones. Avengers, Captain America, on TV the very successful Daredevil, and Agent Carter. Deadpool is doing well, mostly because of the video game homage in the movie. From DC, the recent Batman movies were about the only ones to even acknowledge the comics, and surprise, they made the most money.

Movies that sucked, there have been a few. From Marvel Universe, the latest Fantastic Four reboot retreading Johnny Storm as a black kid crashed and burned. Mostly because it had nothing to do with the FF comic. The took a fairly pedestrian script, slapped an FF name on it and called it done. Stupid. DC Universe, Green Lantern was rubbish, much the same sort of reason.

Why do they do stuff like that? Here's why:

Yes, I am proposing that a major comic book institution change the race of one of its popular characters as it transitions to a new form of media. In this case, I want Marvel Studios to cast an Asian American actor to play the lead in the upcoming Iron Fist show it is developing for Netflix. It seems logical enough to me, though as always, there are fans who are urging Marvel to resist changing his race.

Yet another idiot is demanding yet another comic book character should be chopped and channeled to satisfy their pretentious racist/anti-racist/SJW horseshit of the moment. This clown has a petition going, apparently.

Is it important to cast a white guy as Iron Fist? No. It's a fucking TV show, nobody cares.

Will it suck if they stray off the story to satisfy some SJWs racist demands? Oh yes, it will most certainly suck. Because if you're going to change the races of the characters to satisfy whining idiots who don't even have any money at stake in the production, you're going to twist the whole story into A DIFFERENT STORY. But somebody already wrote the thing for you, and set up how it's supposed to be, and it WORKED that way. Iron Fist is a long running comic. We're not talking about something like Tigra that lasted a couple years, Iron Fist has been around since the 1970's.

Good on Marvel for ignoring the SJWs. May they continue to do so.

The Phantom

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