Monday, June 09, 2014

When morons smell the coffee.

Noam Chomsky, that Great Grey Eminence of the Ivory Tower Left has awoken. He has smelled the coffee, and found it to be double-plus ungood. Obama is creating a Surveillance State he says. He's right, but he's dead wrong too. Obama -inherited- a surveilance state from Bush, who got it from Clinton. Obama just stepped on the gas, is all. But Clinton started it all, and we knuckle dragging, beer swilling, gun toting, pickup driving Redneck types have been screaming about this the whole time. Noam baby just now noticed.

Renowned actor and gay rights person Stephen Fry has also, FINALLY noticed the surveillance state.

As usual they are both a day late and a dollar short, but because they are the cool kids the Mainstream media will now pay attention to this issue. For one news cycle. Then it will be the Next Shiny Thing.

This is, of course, all Bush's fault. Somehow.

The Bushy Phantom

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