Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What does a desperate gun grabber look like in print?

He looks like Paul H. Rosenburg in Salon.

Nice hobo beard, Paulie.
 This is the face of one desperate gun grabbing weenie, my friends.

Paulie is, in addition to being a crybaby at Salon, a columnist for Al Jazeera English. Here's a list of other horseshit that Paulie has written. Paulie is most upsetted in Salon:

Gun extremists finally go too far: What will make the NRA realize they've lost America?

Will yet another school shooting change the approach of open carry activists determined to arm everyone?

Paulie is all upsetted that gun owners in Texas are showing up to demonstrate against idiotic gun prohibitions in Texas.

So it now appears that the Texas GOP plans to violate Texans' God-given right to get drunk and shoot someone. Wayne Slater reports:
Open carry advocates say they'll be at the Fort Worth Convention Center this week for the state GOP convention to encourage a change in state law to allow open carry of handguns in Texas. State GOP chairman Steve Munisteri says it's fine if demonstrators want to gather outside the hall, but can't bring their rifles inside. He warns that would violate the prohibition against carrying guns anyplace that has a permit to sell alcohol.

He's very, very upsetted.

"Do you think it would scare people?" [MSNBC's Joy] Reid asked repeatedly, when she had Tov Henderson, communications director for Open Carry Texas, on "The Reid Report" on May 3. "I can't get you to answer a very simple question, of do you think it scares people to see, let alone one armed person, but a bunch of armed people in this day and age, when we have so many mass shootings? Do you think it scares people?"

 ...Major snippage of a bunch of lies about John Locke, and we get back to the point...
And Henderson immediately went off on evasive maneuvers:
"Well, I … to explain here, what a lot of people do not understand is there are already 44 states that allow open carry handguns. Texas, unfortunately, is not one of those. That's what we're trying to achieve. As the law's written right now, we're only permitted to open carry our long guns, and pre-1899 black powder pistols. So the reason for this, because, and the reason for us walking with them, is because we have no other option."
No other options? How about leave your guns at home, and write your representative? That's what everyone else does in a representative democracy. But for the open carry folks, that's not good enough, because they are so oppressed, I guess. They "have no other option."

Imagine the nerve of these people, and in broad daylight too! Leave your guns at home and write your representative, because you're SCARING ME!!! And you're not allowed to SCARE ME!!! How dare you show up in public and protest! Go home and shut the hell up like you're supposed to!

Yeah Paulie. Great plan. Say, just wondering what your position was on Occupy Wall Street.  Do you think the people inside the buildings around Zuccotti Park were "scared" by hundreds of angry hipsters throwing shit at their windows for several weeks? Is it ok with you that they did that?

Were you one of the guys saying NYPD should tear gas the lot of them and wash the place down with fire hoses, or were you a cheerleader? Well, a quick Google reveals that Paulie was a big ol' cheerleader. Shockah, right?

Paulie "do as I say, not as I do" Rosenburg, commie AND hypocrite.

But Paulie baby, one last question. If the NRA has "lost America", how do you explain a new record for gun and ammunition sales every other week?

The Questioning Phantom

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