Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More self-driving car propaganda.

Big Media just loooooves this self-driving car story. Here's one from the Wall Street Journal.

To revel in the future that the visionaries hold out, the obstacles are nearly insurmountable. In their lush vision, America's parking lots and driveways could return to nature as a relative handful of always-handy robot cars would supplant the mostly idle cars owned in the millions by Americans today.

In practice, though, all cars would likely have to be driverless—or at least capable of taking control away from a driver in heavy traffic situations—for any cars to be driverless. Otherwise, effectively one jerk in a '74 Buick would own the only right of way.

Doing so, though, would require not only expensive onboard systems in every car but wireless networking that would likely raise privacy and personal autonomy fears far more alarming to many Americans than whether NSA computers are scanning their mostly boring emails and text messages. Imagine a National Rifle Association for car owners.

What this guy is saying is meant to be a word of caution, but really he's just saying what these technocrats actually want: humans as bulk cargo in an automated transport system, not as free individuals going where they want, when they want.

For my part, I'll be the jerk in the Buick. But it'll be a '64, not a '74. More mass, better styling, less plastic.

The Phantom


Bill Elder said...

The social engineers have had private vehicles and freedom of personal mobility in their crosshairs for decades.

The privately owned automobile freed the population from local economic control just as the PC and internet have broken the monopoly on information – these inventions threaten the established hierarchy because they promote open source info and open market employment/commerce. Never forget the hierarchy is all about CONTROL. No better way to make a population dependent and controlled than to remove the means of personal mobility and free will travel.

I see the Google corp. is working on a taxi-killing scheme which has the potential to kill un controlled auto sales/use – Google is a major player in the internationalist hierarchy.

Xanthippa said...

There is a plan to tie the onboard GPS system in cars into the ignition, so that if the GPS (with its 'kill engine' function) is bypassed, the car will not start...

Which is why I have a '73 240Z in the garage!

The Phantom said...

Hi Xanthippa.

'73 240Z is a righteous ride. :)

My SHTF Zombie Apocalypse ride is a '64 Buick. A little hard on gas, but big enough to camp in.

However, there's always a way around things. Example, here's a Car Craft article about the 5.0L Ford engine commonly found in just about any post-2000 Ford car.

They stuck a carburetor on top and made almost 400hp, 540hp with a nitrous shot. No more computer.

Besides, I'm sure a sufficiently motivated teenager could get around a GPS engine lockout with a pair of side cutters and one of these babies here:

That's a MegaSquirt fuel injection/electronic ignition computer. You can buy it pre-made, or you can make it yourself right down to the printed circuit boards. Its hard for Big Brother to slip in something when you're printing your own PCBs and hand soldering the chips yourself.

Being non-compliant is fun. ~:D