Monday, March 24, 2014

Taser armed Drone.

You read that title and said "No Way!" didn't you? Yes. Way. There's video at the link.

A new drone, armed with a taser, is gaining a lot of interest from military and law enforcement agencies.

It is called the ‘Cupid Drone’ and was developed at Chaotic Moon Studios. The newly developed Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone can shoot 80-thousand volts of electricity into a subject.

People don't usually know that the "Eighty THOUSAND Volts!" generated by a Taser comes from a nine volt battery.  The same kind you put in a smoke alarm.  The actual guts of a taser are -small-.

There's no particular technical hurdles to be conquered here, just get a camera-equipped drone and zip-tie a taser to it. If you look at the pictures that's about what they did here. In fact, I'm pretty sure a teenager could hack one together for the school science fair, if they were allowed to fiddle with a taser. First year university types could probably put laser range-finding and targeting on there as well. Oh, and autonomous control.  Arduino is your friend.

All this hardware and software is available to the enterprising young on the Internet as Open Source code and off-the-shelf hardware. Including targeting lasers. They're cheap. Like, under five bucks kinda cheap.

So are infrared cameras and light sources. Flying armed drone with night vision. Made in your kid's bedroom. For a couple hundred bucks.

Time to get working on my autonomous anti-drone defense turret. I'm thinking a multi-thousand dollar gold plated government taser drone probably won't fly well if you turn a hose on it, and even the Ontario government is going to have a hard time justifying banning water hoses.

Oh wait: autonomous anti-drone defense VEHICLE. Because= power washer!  Yeah baby!

The Phantom


Alyric said...

The 'Cupid' drone? For remote tasering? Isn't that cute.

I eagerly await the Fluffy Bunny Urban Pacification Missile.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Hey, they can mount the tasers and missiles on a faux helicopter drone!