Monday, March 10, 2014


The "drought" in California is not due to government interference because of the "endangered" Delta Smelt. No no no, you bad people, COWS did it. Yes they did, the New York Times says so.

Meat Makes the Planet Thirsty


Money quote, waaaay down at the bottom after you get past a whole lot of "hundreds of thousands of gallons per ton" bullshit is this:

It’s understandable for concerned consumers to feel helpless in the face of these complex industrial and global realities. But in the case of agriculture and drought, there’s a clear and accessible action most citizens can take: reducing or, ideally, eliminating the consumption of animal products. Changing one’s diet to replace 50 percent of animal products with edible plants like legumes, nuts and tubers results in a 30 percent reduction in an individual’s food-related water footprint. Going vegetarian, a better option in many respects, reduces that water footprint by almost 60 percent.
Feeling thirsty yet?
See, its important to understand that this drought, and all the displaced farm workers and all the social injustice in California is YOUR FAULT, America!  If you would only give up your horrible Redneck ways, particularly the disgusting practice of eating poor helpless animals and become a wholesome, morally and politically correct liberal Vegan like Mr. James McWilliams, then you could atone for your sins and reach Enlightenment.

Or possibly suffer a slow decline from protein starvation and vitamin deficiency, which is what usually happens to pinheaded liberals who become Vegans. I think the fact that there is even a word like "Vegan" in our modern lexicon is entirely due to propaganda from the Caring Left, and is yet another demonstration that there's a sucker born every minute.

Sadly, my caring liberal friends, Human Beings are omnivorous for quite a few really good reasons. Chemistry and physics are what you call "inflexible boundaries" in the sciences. A purely vegetarian diet violates quite a few of those boundaries.

Here's another inflexible boundary that's been violated: The Imperial Valley of California is THE most productive agricultural area on Planet Earth, by a looooong way. The -entire- reason there is a drought in California has nothing to do with rainfall. The reason is the Greenies have decided that fish and birds are more important than human beings, Greenies have taken over the water management systems of California AND the federal system as well, and Greenies have wasted the stored water on increased flow through the creeks and rivers instead of storing it and spending it on agriculture the way they were supposed to.

The reason there are dams and reservoirs in California at all is because the place is an uninhabitable DESERT, and without water it will return to its previous uninhabitable state. That is I believe the main goal of Greenies generally and the ones infesting the California state government in particular. To destroy human habitation wherever it is found, and return the land to its primeval condition.

No word on what they plan to do when the Russians and the Chicoms move in to the deserted territories and put up coal fired generating stations all over the place.

The Phantom.


Alyric said...

Yeah, the California 'drought' has become one of my new hot button issues.

Greenies there destroyed the reservoir system that's irrigated California since the 60's - and don't kid yourself, it has nothing to do with the delta smelt, that was just the excuse. (Fun fact: JFK was at the groundbreaking of the reservoir system, and touted it as one of the greatest achievements of their time. How quickly things change).

It was a deliberate, engineered attack against the rural, conservative sections of California that - despite being hopelessly outnumbered as an electorate - big city California liberals seem to be terrified of.

I know, that's a big claim, and it's not like I can offer proof. But considering the way Democrats have been operating the last couple of decades (see: the IRS, etc), I don't think it's much of a stretch.

Here's three things that raise a lot of questions:

1) The listing of the delta smelt as endangered is based entirely on junk science. Even the judges that heard the case the first several times (yes, you heard that right) recognized this - and said as much when dismissing the case. California greenies just kept taking the case to court, though - judge shopping until they found one sympathetic to their agenda. It's a shame the legal system doesn't offer any sort of protection against this - with this sort of attitude, you can get just about ANYTHING banned with enough money and perseverance. Fail a hundred times, fine - you only need to succeed once.

2) The studies run by the greenies: Their study 'proved' (i.e., estimated, and a very high one at that) that the reservoir system was killing approximately 350 delta smelts per year. The study itself - run every year for over a decade while they continued to fight in court - killed approximately 3,500 delta smelts per year.

3) Even before the current drought - when there was still (supposedly) enough water for all purposes - California politicians have been cutting off and/or limiting the water supply to rural California areas (particularly farms). The best part? Under Californian law, the farmers have to pay for all the water they're supposed to get - even if they don't get it. The last I heard (which was late January, it's been a while), so far this year farmers were expecting to receive about 5-10% of what they were paying for.

Goodbye, Californian agriculture.

On a note that's only vaguely related - did you notice the story about all of the Russian flags flying in Crimea? Apparently ethnic Russians have become such a majority in that part of the Ukraine, there's speculation that they'll simply have to surrender a portion of their country and allow Russia to absorb it.

Fortunately, the United States has a competent and watchful government that would never allow an invasion of foreign citizens to flood over our borders, establish themselves in many places as the majority population, then begin throwing protests against the United States in favor of the neighboring country they originated in, possibly forcing the United States to either take violent action or cede territory to their neighbor.

Nope, no way that could ever happen HERE! Am I ever relieved.

The Phantom said...

Hi Alyric, thanks for the informative comment. Your idea of the Greenie attack on the reservoir system being in truth an attack on rural conservatives, I don't think that's particularly controversial.

Liberals -hate- rural people. Hate and fear them. Plenty of examples of the same thing here in Canada, not least of which is the gun registry and C-68.

However, if America invaded Mexico, that would be like the Crimea. What we have in California is Mexico invading America, that would be like Ukraine hoisting its flag in Volgograd and daring anybody to do anything about it, then the whole thing ends up being fought out in the Russian court system on TV.

When viewed in such terms, the idiocy of the American position becomes rather pointed.

Liberals are the Enemy of life.

Alyric said...

Obviously, in our case, Mexico is Russia, and we're the Ukraine. Granted I don't believe they'd invade us, but at some point the demographics will change enough that they won't have to.

Not exactly a flattering state of affairs. I'm flashing back to Obama's "America is a first world power, whether we like it or not". Clearly, liberals don't.

I suppose I have to look on the bright side. When the entire house of cards comes crashing down, and liberals are finally devoured by their own policies, it'll be the rural conservatives clinging to their bibles and (especially) guns that are more likely to survive the fallout.

Kind of a grim bright side, but I guess you take what you get.

Related to my first point in the earlier post, it'd be fun to turn the whole 'judge shopping' phenom against the greenies. With incandescent bulbs banned now, if I had the resources I'd go to court over and over until I got CFLs banned (mercury switches), then find some excuse to ban LED lights, too. Eventually they'd either be forced to confront the stupidity of it all, or live in the dark. (Probably their ultimate goal anyway, but it'd be fun to force them to admit it and see how quickly their support collapses).

I've got enough incandescent bulbs saved up - I say bring on the dark. :D

black mamba said...

Worst case scenario: Delta smelt goes extinct. I get that that's kind of sad, but is it, you know, important?

Saith Wiki: "Because of its one-year life cycle and relatively low fecundity, (the delta smelt) is very susceptible to changes in the environmental conditions of its native habitat."

I'm reminded of the Simpsons, From Back When It Was Still Funny:

The Phantom said...

There's a whole dedicated Wiki for The Simpsons?


Holy crap.

Everybody knows the delta smelt is the only thing they could find in the entire ecosystem that even looked funny, and even the greenies don't give a shit about the damn things.

Its the same deal as the Pierson's Milk Vetch, which is a poisonous ugly-ass weed that grows in the Imperial Sand Dunes. Greenies hate dune buggies, so they made up this biiiig story about the milk vetch being endangered. Managed to get half the dunes closed to duners for a few years.

One problem, the friggin' weed grows -more- where the dune buggies run. Oh, and it was never endangered in the first place.

Remember Mamba, hippy punching is never wrong.